The Boot Butler


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A simple, sturdy device that helps keep your feet and socks clean whilst removing your muddy shoes or boots.

Whilst a traditional boot jack will usually leave you with one wet or muddy sock, the Boot Butler's unique flip-over foot plate keeps your socks dry and clean.

When a wet sock simply won't do!

When removing wet or muddy boots using a traditional boot jack, it is virtually impossible to keep your socks clean and dry. This is due to having to place your clean and dry foot on the same foot plate that was recently used by the wet or muddy boot. The Boot Butler puts an end to this problem. When you have removed one wet or muddy boot, simply flip over the plate to reveal a new clean and dry surface on which to place your clean dry foot and remove the second boot.

A Quality Product: The Boot Butler is made of the very best materials and is built to last for years. ​ The base and foot are made of Oak sourced from sustainable supplies. ​ The foot plate is coated stainless steel and is held in place with high strength hinges. ​ Both the base and the footplate have durable rubber matting fixed to them to ensure extra grip.

Package dimensions 

38.8 x 19 x 7.4 cm

Package weight

1.24 kilograms