Redback Boot Safety Standards

Please see below information regarding the safety classifications of our Redback boots. These are required in certain working environments and for insurance purposes. Redback safety boots (steel toe cap) conform to British safety standards and the full certification breakdown can be found below:

Redback boots conform to several “ISO” standards, which are officially recognised in the UK, in the EU and in Australia.

1. Assurance of quality of manufacturing:

Accredited Quality Assurance System ISO 9001

2. Safety features:

EN ISO 20345 : 2011 – Relating to the sole’s grip (slip resistance) on steel floors with a surface covering of glycerol.

Rated as SRB:

Forward sliding of the heel ≥0.12

Forward sliding on flat surface ≥0.16


Category II : SB – Relating to the steel toe elements featured in Redback safety boots which provide crush resistance beyond the required British safety tolerances.

Redback TPU/PU Soles

Redback Boots have a hard wearing TPU outsole and light shock absorbing midsole. The wearer should note the following:

Heat: The maximum temperature the soles can be exposed to is 130°C for occasional contact and up to 110°C for prolonged contact.

Chemicals: Whilst the boots have good general oil resistance exposure to strong acids and alkalis (>10% concentration ) should be avoided. (Eg. Hydrochloric and sulphuric acid and caustic soda)

Any unauthorised alterations to footwear such as mechanical stretching or adding of vent holes are discouraged as it may:

take the footwear out of compliance with the applicable safety standard
void warranty or certification of the footwear
reduce the effectiveness of the footwear