Redback Boots | Nubuck Soft Toe Boot aka "Crazy Horse" (UBCH)


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The original style boot with a soft and grippy cushioned sole, nubuck and fantastic anatomical foot support. These boots are so comfortable and easy to get on an off and are better than other more expensive Australian brand boots in our opinion, "Once a Redback wearer always a Redback wearer and I'm a convert". Redbacks are still the only boot completely made in Sydney, so you can rely on their quality.

NOTE - nubuck leather has a velvet-like finish with a nap of fibres - these fibres can sometimes be roughed up during transit as the boots move in the box creating "marks". This can easily be resolved by using a suede brush or similar to brush all the fibres in the same direction. 

The boots are all designed with the following features.

Full Leather 3 piece upper build
Harder wearing translucent sole resistant to fuels, lubricants and high temperatures.
Lighter Air Cushion midsole with millions of tiny bubbles to give excellent shock absorption.
Better Grip, with multi directional cleats.
Anatomic Support provided by superb cradling of the foot, to reduce foot and leg strain.
Tougher and supple full grain leathers (+2.5mm) are 30% thicker than normal work boots.

"I have been wearing Blundstones for over 10 years but decided to try some Redbacks. There is no doubt in my mind that the Redback's are by far the superior boots. The is mainly because of the sole, which is far grippier and much more comfortable. I have had the more expensive 'comfort' versions of Blundstones (which now retail at £150), but their soles do not offer anywhere near the cushioning of the Redbacks. The soles of Blundstones don't have much grip, so aren't great on mud or grass. The Redbacks have a much more aggressive tread pattern, which hasn't failed me so far. On top of all that, the Redbacks are cheaper and still made in Australia!" Mr P White

UK delivery included in the price.